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Do you suffer from arthritis, repetitive strain injury, wrist injuries, tendonitis of the elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other related or non related injury that affects the way you surf traffic exchanges using a multi-tabbed browser?

Do you wish surfing with a multi-tabbed browser was easier and less painful and that you could do it for longer than 10 minutes at a time without your tab switching finger/s developing a mind of their own?

Still reading? Then you need Auto-TAB. Don't continue to suffer.

With Auto-TAB, you can and will take the pain out of multi-tabbed surfing.

Think you've seen this before? Think again... Auto-TAB will help you by;

  • Automatically selecting the next tab when you click anywhere within the current tab.
  • Dramatically reducing the effort required from YOU when multi-tabbed surfing.
  • Dramatically increasing YOUR efficiency and productivity within the traffic exchanges.
  • Cutting down on the number of errors YOU make when surfing.
  • Allowing you complete flexibility in the way YOU surf.

And it will do this with the least amount of inconvenience to your normal routine.

In fact, Auto-TAB will enhance your normal routine.

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My name is Andy Donald and I started online in 2002 and know only too well the problems faced by many of us who simply want to advertise what we are selling and can afford nothing more than the time required by surfing. So we surf...

Click... CTRL-TAB... Click... CTRL-TAB... Click... CTRL-TAB and so on and before long, in some cases within 10 minutes, this becomes Click... CTRL-Click... TAB-Click... CTRL-TAB-Click-Click, all of a sudden you have another 3 tabs open, multiple instances of the same exchange and 'surfing too fast' messages popping up in every second tab. And guess what? That's only if you use Firefox. If you use a different browser, then chances are you don't use CTRL-TAB to change tabs. You may not even use the keyboard!

Fatigue is another major contributing factor even if you don't suffer any of the ailments described above. It became increasingly apparent that a solution was required... A solution that would take away the requirement to navigate to the next tab, every time we clicked the image in the current tab. Lets face it, we are surfing for two reasons; to view the pages of fellow surfers, and to show our own page to our fellow surfers. Lets remove the need to navigate to the next tab, and all of a sudden you have time, lots more of it to view other members pages, and that's not to mention all the extra credits you will be earning in the meantime.

This is where Auto-TAB comes into play. Auto-TAB actually detects when you click the image/link on the traffic exchange within the selected tab of your preferred web browser, then it tells the browser you use to select the next tab without you having to select it yourself. Then you click the image on that tab, and so on... Can you see what's happening? All you are doing is clicking the image required to show the next ad. Auto-TAB does the rest. You've just removed the need to use a keyboard when surfing.

But wait, this gets better... much better. Auto-TAB is compatible with any multi-tabbed browser that permits a keyboard shortcut for selecting the next tab. And Auto-TAB can be paused/un-paused with minimum effort on your part. Further more, Auto-TAB is customisable so you can work with it minimized, set a delay before the next tab is selected, track how long you've been surfing etc...

But come on Andy, that's cheating surely? You can't do that! Actually, it's not cheating. Nobody is being cheated out of anything. Auto-TAB never refreshes a traffic exchange... ever, and Auto-TAB does not automate the actual clicking of any image. Auto-TAB doesn't interfere with the surf bar and it doesn't break out of frames. Auto-TAB simply selects the next tab in your browser when you click within the surf-bar of the current tab. Nothing wrong with that. Consider the following;

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Here's what others had to say about Auto-TAB...

The surfing experience is just so smoooooth - and it's surprising just how many more credits you can earn in the same amount of time compared to manually switching between tabs... I'm truly impressed - well done Andy!

Jayne, UK

This is really a great tool. I almost double my surfing in the TE's. And I can easily stop the rotation when I want to play one of the games in some TE's. You really made my life much easier. Thanks.

Toos, Netherlands

Here's what you get;

Auto-TAB will help you, in fact I've been called a complete idiot for the super low throw-away price of $12. So here's what I've done. I've lowered the price even further to $9.95. But wait, it gets better than that. Download Auto-TAB right now, and you won't even pay $9.95. What you do get is to try Auto-TAB for free for 10 days so that you can see how much faster and more efficiently you will surf. Don't believe me? You've got nothing to lose. Try it, give it to your friends so they can try it. If you don't think your surfing experience has changed after 10 days, then you walk away and you owe me nothing. It can't get any better than that.

So give it a go. Try Auto-TAB now; obligation and risk free.

You've nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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